5 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Heat Damaging Tools

We all love beautifully styled hair, but it can come at a cost leading to heat damaged hair. There are many ways heat tools can cause damage to your hair, applying these 5 tips will help your hair look healthy and strong all year round.

1. Always Use A Heat Protectant Spray

Using a heat protectant spray on your hair before applying heat creates a safety barrier, restoring the hairs moisture and keeping your hair conditioned. Having this barrier prevents moisture loss from the straightener or hair curler being applied to your hair. Our stylist here at Azz Hair Design love using the Keune Style Heat Protect Hot Iron Spray.

2. Use Low To Medium Heat Setting

You don’t need the highest heat setting to achieve your desired style, keep to a low to medium heat to avoid any breakages or damages. You can still achieve the same desired style at half the temperature.

3. Get Into The Routine Of A Weekly Hair Treatment/Mask

Self-care is hair care! Schedule in a weekly hair treatment or hair mask to keep your hair healthier and shiny. Weekly treatments help your hair stay softer, while restoring moisture that was lost throughout the week. They also reduce hair breakage and damage creating a healthier scalp and reducing that nasty hair frizz.

4. Regular Trims

Having regular hair cuts helps get rid of those nasty split ends, controls any damaged hair, and promotes healthy hair growth. Regular trims keep your hair looking fresh and enhances the shape of your hair, while also making it easier to style. If you don’t take care of those split ends with regular trims this can lead to your hair becoming frail and can lead to greater damage. Are you overdue for a trim? Our friendly stylists will bring your hair back to life.

5. Let It Air Dry – Don’t Over Do It

It can be painful to sit with wet hair for longer than you want, but there are benefits to air drying such as, giving your hair a break from the heat and restoring it back to its natural shape. By switching every second wash to an air-dry, you can reduce the damage from the heat.

As much as we love our hair curlers and straighteners, they do have the potential to do some greater damage. By following these 5 helpful tips you are able to have amazingly styled hair while also keeping it healthy. Come into our salon and chat with our friendly stylists for more tips.