All About Great Lengths Hair Extensions

We are excited to announce that our salon is now an official stockist of Great Lengths Hair Extensions. After many conversations with clients, we finally decided to take the leap into hair extensions and provide a better, more well-rounded service within the salon. You ask, we hear, and the salon provides!

Now, let us tell you why we are so in love with Great Lengths and why we chose their hair extensions to feature in the salon.

Ethical & Guilt Free
Our salon is very conscious of how the products we stock are sourced and made. We believe in having products that reflect our ethical value, which is one of the main reasons why we chose to go with Great Lengths. Great Lengths source 100% of their hair directly from Indian Temples with the donor’s consent. With their hair donation, donors are paid a sum to help benefit their communities.

Like A Virgin
What does virgin quality mean? To put it simply, it means hair that has never been chemically treated. The hair extensions from Great Lengths have never been coloured, bleached, keratin or perm treated. Leaving it in the perfect health condition to customise and suit your unique hair.

Body ody ody
Another great benefit of having Great Lengths is the amazing body & bounce they provide. Thanks to the Indian Temple hair that already contains a natural gorgeous wave, no matter if air dried or styled they will always maintain their original body. Perfect for thin hair that needs that extra lift. Did we mention that the hair is ‘Remy’? This means that all the hair cuticles face the same direction for less tangles and heightened smoothness.

Gentle & Loving
We have heard many horror stories about extensions breaking, pinching and harming your original strands. With Great Length, this will never happen. Why? They have organic hydrolysed bonds that allow the hairs to expand and contract like your hair would. Plus, there are no harsh chemicals used within their extensions.

If you’re interested in our extension services, contact us to organise your consultation. We will be able to guide you on length, colour and pricing to ensure you’re completely happy with your service from start to finish. Get ready to enjoy 4-6 months of beautiful damage-free hair with Great Lengths!