The time has come around again… The holiday season is here! With all your end of year events fast approaching, we are here to help you decide on your holiday hair trends for 2021. Use one or use them all, these 7 hairstyles will suit any event.

Here are our top 7 hairstyles that will make an appearance over the December – January months.

Bouncy Blow Dry

The bouncy blow dry, is a simple staple hairstyle that can be used for all events. This hairstyle gives you soft curls from the lower mids to ends, giving you a very voluminous appearance – the perfect elevated and casual hairstyle for the event season.

The Headband

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf and rock a fashion statement headband. Opt for a chunky or thick headband to level up your event look. This hairstyle can be as minimal or out there as you wish. We love the minimalistic look of a neutral chunky headband, complimenting your outfit.

Boho Halfup

This is the perfect combination of messy and refined. The ‘imperfect’ curls paired with a styled halfup do is a match made in heaven this season. This hairstyle works perfectly with any of your event outfits.

Modern Claw Clip

There are a million different hairstyles that you can do with a claw clip. Having one claw clip gives you endless opportunities for the entire event season. Opt for a neutral claw clip to ensure it suits all your outfits. Wrap, clip and you’re set. If you’re short on time, this is the quickest and easiest hairstyle for you.

Mermaid Hair

Need we say more? Mermaid hair is a simple structured curl that leaves you feeling like an ocean goddess. Spray some Keune Gloss Spray to emphasis those curls and give your hair a stunning glow.

The Neat Mid Pony

Not high and not low, just right in the middle. The mid pony is a trending hairstyle that we are currently loving. For this look, generally no hairs are out of place. To keep those baby hairs tamed, use the Slick Stick and embrace the sleek look.

Bombshell Waves

Sexy and seductive, the bombshell wave is the perfect hairstyle if you’re looking to achieve that Victoria Secret runway vibe. Use your largest barrel and chunkier segments to achieve these luscious, thick curls. Volumise the roots and this look is complete. Will you be trying this look at least once this season?