Here Are 5 Mistakes That Can Prevent Hair Growth

Have you been struggling with hair loss, or are you just wanting to get thicker, more luscious hair? In this blog we chat about 5 different reasons why you might not be seeing the hair growth you are after, and our suggestions on how you can change small simple habits to create luscious hair. 

1. Slicking It Back A Little Too Much

Are you guilty of rocking the slick, tight look? If you continue to style your hair in the same tight ponytail or bun, your hair will eventually and gradually weaken over time. This gradual breakdown of the hair can cause snaps, breakages and in severe cases bold spots. Our suggestion is to mix things up! Don’t wear your ponytail in the same high spot over and over again, move it around or even rock your hair out. Hot tip: claw clips are less damaging and provide less strain on the hair. 

2. Skipping That 6 Week Cut

If you are not getting your hair cut frequently then you are likely suffering with the dreaded split ends. Split end are essentially a dead-end to your overall hair growth pattern. If you want your hair to have a fluid growth path to follow, chop those split ends and maintain it with more frequent hair cuts. 

3. Brushing Your Wet Hair

Another common haircare mistake we see often is people aggressively brushing their while it is still wet. Your hair, while it is wet, is in its weakest state. It is easily breakage and prone to snaps during this time. We suggest, if you have to brush your hair while it’s wet, using a wide tooth comb is your safest option. If you can wait, we do highly recommend brushing your hair when it at least 80-90% dry. 

4. Using Heat Tools Too Often

We know you know this, but let us repeat it one more time… Too much heat on your hair strands can cause snaps, breakage and generally drain your hair. This of course can have a big impact on your overall hair growth journey. 

5. How You Wash Your Hair 

How you wash your hair can have a big impact on your hair growth patterns. Washing your hair too often, or washing your hair with crazy hot water can strip your scalp too much of its natural oils, causing a dry unhealthy scalp. And a dry unhealthy scalp is a scalp that won’t produce new hair growth.