Our Top 5 Zoom Meeting Hairstyles You Have To Try

Keeping things fresh in lockdown hasn’t been easy, but for those of us that love to look our best, even over Zoom, hair can be a component that makes or breaks your appearance online. A simple ponytail doesn’t provide the same feel over a 2D flat device and an updo is sure to lose its full effect on screen. We’ve compiled a list of some great hair trends you can experiment with to try and spice up your next meeting.

This accessory is perfect to use this lockdown with styles taking only 10 seconds to create, no heat required or even brushing necessary. With a range of clip designs and colours, you’re able to bring your style and aesthetic into these looks. Here are our favourite hairstyles to try this lockdown with your very own hair clip.


High Buns

Going for a professional no nonsense look? With a high bun, you can make it look as strict or relaxed as you like. Straight up, tight and clean will present you with a serious air that demonstrates you mean business. While a messy high bun with a few strands falling to frame your face, will really allow you a more relaxed look with a highly professional feel.


Side Braids

Looking to show off your fun side? Side braids are easy, fun and comfortable, with a whole host of ways you can make them. Standard braids or fish braids, start from your crown or just below your ear. Whatever your mood, there is a braid for you. This also provides you with a little lockdown entertainment, trying a new braid every day will keep your Zoom meetings fresh and entertaining. You’ll also be leaving lockdown with a trendy new skill.




Beach side waves in lockdown anyone? Order Keune Style Texture Salt Mist to create the ultimate messy waves look that any Zoom colleague would be envious of. Alternatively, there are several ways you can get this look from the comfort of home, all on your own. Your curling wand can provide you with the exact amount of curl you are looking for, while simply falling asleep with damp braided hair can also provide you with fun and interesting results. The key is in the hair flick before your meeting starts, once your hair is wavy drop that head down and give it a flick up – this can give you amazing results!



Straight is a sleek and smart look that no one can deny. This is a head turner, especially if you normally have messy, wavy or curly hair. The change will definitely turn some heads. There are many products that promise to give you chic straight hair, but the most effective stress-free way if you’re in a hurry is your hair straighter. Just be sure to use this look sparingly, heat damage is not a look we recommend.


Super Curly

On the flip side, if you normally have very straight hair then a bunch of curls may be just what you need to spice up your meeting. Creating the ultimate head of curls can be time consuming but trust us, worth it!

No matter which hair style you decide on, it’s important to keep having fun and being creative with your hair. A style you might not normally go for may unexpectedly look fabulous on you online. Experimenting is key!

Bonus tip – Keep your camera directly or slightly above eye level, no one looks flattering showing off their nose hair. By keeping your camera up, you are slimming your face by showing less chin and providing a more natural view of your face, perfect for showing off that amazing smile!