One of the trickiest parts about being a human is that you have to deal with split ends. Split ends are a fact of life, and they’re something that pretty much everyone has. So, why not talk about them? In this article, we’ll discuss how they work and what you can do to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Everyone Gets Them

Split ends are a fact of life for pretty much everyone. The only way to avoid split ends is not to have any hair. There are ways to prevent them but even then, if you’re using any kind of styling product or heat source on your hair (which I’m sure you are), there’s still a chance that they’ll crop up time and time again.

Split ends are caused by damage to the hair shaft; it’s not something that just randomly happens out of nowhere (although sometimes it can look like this). Heat styling tools like straighteners and blow dryers can cause split ends by drying out the hair shaft and making it brittle. Brittle strands break off more easily than healthy ones so, as they grow out they’re more likely to fray at the end instead of staying smooth and shiny.

Products That Can Help

Are there products that can help avoid getting split ends? Yes! There sure are. As official Keune Haircosmetics stockist, we have access to amazing products that can assist in avoiding those pesky split ends. These include

  • Keune Vital Nutrition range of products – This range is specifically formulated for damaged, dry and brittle hair. 
  • Keune Style Smooth Defrizz Serum – The perfect product for hydration and heat protectant. 
  • Keune Lumi Coat Supreme Cream – An intensely nourishing high-quality cream designed to provide intense hydration, seal your hair from external damage and is a heat protectant.  


Although there are many products that can help avoid split ends, they aren’t miracle workers. With constant heat styling and chemical treatments, it can be an almost impossible feat to stop split ends completely. With this said, we suggest getting your hair cut every 6-8 weeks for your best chance to avoid split ends. 


So, split ends… They’re not something you should be embarrassed about, but they can be annoying and make your hair look less healthy than it really is. In this article, we’ve discussed some tips on how to keep your hair looking healthy, whether or not there are any splits in sight. If all else fails…well then at least there’s always scissors!