Protect Your Hair This Summer With Keune Products!

Have you been struggling to maintain your hair lately? With frizz, dryness and sun damage being an increased factor during the summer season, we have laid out the 4 biggest summer hair killers and how you can combat them. Thanks to these hot tips, your hair will be luscious and glowing throughout the season.


1. Summer Sun Overload

The sun can be your biggest enemy during the summer months. Did you know that UV rays from the sun can cook the shaft of your hair? The damaged caused by this can make your colour look faded, bleached or brassy. Have you ever noticed that time in the sun has made your blonde a little extra blonde? Well, you have the sun to thank for that natural bleach. Even non-coloured hair will dry out and appear rough, causing the frizz factor to take effect.

So, what’s the solution?

To avoid the damage, pull out your hats and scarfs for a new summer look. Combine this with the Keune Care Color Brillianz Shampoo. This protective product acts as a sunscreen for your hair and protect it from those harmful UV rays. To make it even better, it sustains your hair colour for longer in between those salon visits.


2. Cooling Off In The Pool

Everyone loves a nice cool dip during a hot summer day, but did you know that the chlorine from pools can strip your hair of all its natural protective oils? There is also the danger of having your lovely blonde locks taking on a greenish tinge. You might be a beach babe that loves to take a dip in the ocean. Well, this isn’t much better. The saltwater can dry out your hair, leaving it feeling parched and coarse.

Let’s give you a solution!

The best way to avoid the damage is to saturate your strands in fresh water before taking a dip. Add on the Keune Care Sun Shield Oil and you’ll be set. This product acts as a barrier and protect your hair from harm. Let’s call it… Sunscreen for your hair.


3. Oh No, Not Humidity!

With summer comes the endless days and nights of humidity. This can cause your hair to swell, making it wavy or frizzy when it dries in its new shape.

Have you ever freshly styled your hair, walked outside for 5 minutes and notice the frizz? Well let’s give you the solution.

Make sure you’re pumping your haircare routine with highly moisturising products, including your shampoo and conditioner. Need a little extra help? Try styling your hair with the Keune Style Humidity Shield. This is a sure thing in making sure the humidity and the accompanying frizz stays away.


4. Ouch. That’s Hot!

Are you constantly putting your hair under heat? Whether this be your styling appliances or the great outdoors, too much heat on your hair can lead to dry, frizzy hair.

If you don’t want to keep damaging your hair, check out our solutions to protect your hair from the heat.

We recommend not styling your hair with heat every day. Give your hair a break from the blow dryer, flat iron and curling wand at least once or twice week. If you do need a curl, try styling your hair the heatless way. With so many hacks out there, we are sure one will suit your hair perfectly. Wash and leave your hair damp during the night. Before heading to sleep give your hair a nice braid or roll it up into a bun. You’ll wake up with perfectly wavy hair for the day ahead. If this just isn’t for you try using the Keune Care Absolute Volume Thermal Protector. This bad boy can help shield your hair from the heat.


Being pro-active with your hair is the best way to keep it looking fresh and feeling fantastic. Having healthy and well-maintained hair is your best first step in preventing bad hair days and unintentionally damage. Regular haircuts, the right shampoo and products can work wonders within your hair care routine.

Want to know what the best haircare routine is for you? Book in a consultation with one of our hair experts – (02) 4731 4799.